Hello I’m Tonya,

Elisheva Haute is the realization of a long-deferred dream.   

My namesake Elisheva (Elizabeth) means “my God is abundance.” God provides. We should look good and live well. I’ve always had an artistic knack and enjoy curating fashion, self-care, and home design. Elisheva Haute offers a collection of curated goods to dress you and your home.  

We are more than our outward appearance. Beyond outward appearances the deeper mission is to transform hearts and minds to recognize our value to God and ourselves. Through trust in God, Elisheva Haute will be used to create jobs, give back to the Black community, and testify of God’s truth. A portion of Elisheva Haute proceeds will go toward funding youth programs and Black organizations.

Yours Truly,


Tonya E. Grayson

Founder, CEO

#RespectGod #RespectYourself #RespectOthers